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We Strategically Curate Investment Opportunities Across Multiple Platforms, Targeting Markets That Conistently Demonstrate Economic Growth & Development.

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The Kanesville Multifamily Acquisition Platform began its journey by specifically targeting & acquiring B-class value-add properties located in well positioned neighborhoods. This recession resistant strategy was developed to acquire properties that met certain minimum investment criteria and have a fundamental ability to outperform other properties in their respective markets. People always need a place to live and that is what makes this asset class more resistant to technological change and a great long-term investment


An investment in Storage with Kanesville Capital is a risk-averse investment aiming for predictable and above-average returns. This asset class benefits from the low operational overhead costs and ability to add operational efficiency to the majority of targeted projects. Storage is a recession resistant investment which caters to when economic times are good and there is excess as well as when times are bad and downsizing is necessary.

Retail & Industrial

Kanesville is conscious of the long-term systemic effect of online retailers and has thus targeted retail and industrial properties that are more resistant to these changes over time. Grocery anchored retail, experiential retail, and multi-tenant industrial all provide appropriate diversification in this asset class.

Ground Up Development

Kanesville’s partners have many years of experience in real estate development and rely on this experience to manage current operations. Under the correct economic environment, Kanesville will seek to develop Multi-family, Industrial, and Storage opportunities. All opportunities are done on a case-by-case basis and seek to provide the maximum level of returns to our investment partners.